Lab News

  • Congratulations Simran Kaur for successfully defending her thesis, titled “Understanding the gene regulatory network underlying zebrafish retina regeneration.”

Her work sheds much light into the critical and diverse functions of let-7 microRNA-regulated Sonic-hedgehog signaling pathway in controlling a plethora of regeneration associated genes such as ascl1azic2bfoxn4 and mmp9.

  • Congratulations Soumitra Mitra for successfully defending his thesis, titled “Understanding the molecular mechanisms of Mycs and Hdacs to control Her4.1/Lin28a/let-7 regulatory axis during zebrafish retina regeneration.” 

His work identifies c-Myc and HDACs as critical regulators of Her4.1-Lin28a-let-7 axis that affects Muller glia reprograming.

  • Congratulations Shivangi Gupta for successfully defending her thesis, titled “Understanding the role of Pten and the molecular mechanisms underlying Pten/PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway during zebrafish retina regeneration.

Her work highlights the role and the regulatory mechanisms of Pten and its interplay with Mmp9/Notch signaling during zebrafish retina regeneration.